Ice Extensions by Danijela Jovetić


The most discreet hair extension technique that gives you the freedom to wear different hairstyles. Its nano capsule is small and strong and resists all temperature changes.

Ice Extensions by Danijela Jovetić

We present to you our cold method of hair extension with NANO capsules, which is unlike anything you have seen so far. The journey to this method was guided by years of work, travel and research of all types of hair.

When choosing the ideal method, we are primarily guided by the fact that the technology we use does not harm your natural hair. Traveling to different continents and learning about hair quality, I found this cold method in Russia. By learning about it I found a way to make it perfect and put my stamp on it and call it my method. Apart from the fact that we were the first to bring it to the Balkans, I can proudly say that we at Studio Extension and at the Extension Academy apply and teach it the most correctly.


This technologically advanced method has been the number one choice of our clients for years. It enables the production of small but solid cold capsules resistant to thermal, chemical and mechanical influences.

The capsules are resistant to oils and grease, so they allow you to use common care products at home.

We highly recommend Extension Pro brand products, they are the ideal hair extension products.

Invisible extensions


You have the option of correction for this, as well as for all other extension methods that you have done with us.

Using Extension Pro, the best quality hair on the market, with proper maintenance upon corrections, you can get your hair back again and again with the same effect as the first time. That is one of the main principles of our business, we always try to make investing your time and money with us the smartest decision.

Application time



3-4 months after application


Price depends on the quantity and quality of the hair

Ice Extension

It is also applicable to thinning and short hairstyles. As the only salon in Serbia that offers this quality and professionalism, we recommend Ice Extension, which guarantees comfort and convenience in every occasion. There is no discomfort when sleeping or placing the extensions.

Finally, it should be noted that this treatment is not affected by high temperatures, sea water, oily scalp, or even frequent hair coloring and bleaching.