"Studio Extension" by Danijela Jovetić

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ExtensionPro Group by Danijela Jovetić

Extension Pro Group is a company consisting of multiple components:


  1. Extension Studio: A 150m2 hair extension and care studio located in the most luxurious part of Belgrade, Serbia.
  2. Extension Worldwide Academy: An educational centre that provides training and skill development for hair extension professionals.
  3. Import sector: Focused on importing exclusive Brazilian hair care brands, specifically Bottoplex.
  4. Extension Pro Shop: Offers a range of tools, accessories, and hair styling equipment for extension maintenance.
  5. Online shop: Allows customers to purchase extension products and accessories online.
  6. Extension Pro Hair Care: A line of hair extension and care products produced in Serbia, belonging to the „Made in Serbia“ category.
  7. Manufactory: Produces unique products under the Extension Pro brand.


Extension Pro Group is the first company in Europe to produce hair extensions of Remy and Virgin quality, as well as the first to operate a manufactory for unique products. Founded in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia, the company specializes in hair extension services and stays up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.


Danijela Jovetić, the founder and innovator of Extension Pro Group, is an expert in hair modelling and extensions. Since the establishment of the company, Danijela has undergone numerous international trainings and education on hair extensions and is constantly searching for patents and new ideas to advance the application of extensions in any situation.


Danijela is one of the few experts in this field who does not rely on well-known suppliers for tools, but instead creates her own tools for applying extensions at the Extension Studio. The company has employed and trained dozens of hairdressers at a time when hair extensions were not yet widely available in Serbia, and over the span of a decade, these hairdressers have become experts in several advanced extension techniques.


The production process of extensions, including the treatment, packaging, and preparation of hair for work, is another innovation by Danijela. Currently, Extension Pro Group is the only company in the Balkans that produces hair and tools for extensions.


Extension Pro Group was the first to introduce the ice extension technique in Serbia. After receiving extensive training in Russia in 2018, Danijela imported this technique and implemented it in the Extension Studio, becoming the first in the region to apply extensions using this innovative nanotechnology. The tools used for this technique are produced in Germany.


This unique approach to work and the continuous introduction of innovations attracted the attention of colleagues from all over Europe. In 2019, Danijela Jovetić launched Extension Worldwide Academy, providing professional education, as well as all the necessary materials and tools, to those interested in the field. The Academy not only allowed participants to acquire essential knowledge but also empowered them with the business know-how to successfully start their own ventures.


Starting from 2020, Danijela expanded her business by launching a new line of products called Extension Pro Hair Care. This line consists of specialized hair care products created in laboratories by experts based on Danijela’s instructions, which are the result of her extensive experience in working with hair. Initially intended for salon use, the hair care products quickly gained popularity among clients and became available for retail purchase due to high demand.


The unique formula of these hair care products is designed for both natural and extended hair, as caring for extended hair requires a special approach. To facilitate the maintenance of extensions and provide a comprehensive range of products for extension care and styling, Danijela has patented these hair care products. They are now available to clients through the Extension Pro Group Online Shop.



In 2021, the Extension Pro Group once again expanded its business in the manufacturing sector. Danijela, being an innovator, was not satisfied with the quality of the hair extensions labelled as premium that were sourced from abroad. As a result, she decided to enhance the quality of the hair extensions beyond the premium category and start her own production in Serbia. By doing so, she became a pioneer in producing high-quality extensions in the country and even designed the production machines herself. The market was filled with low-quality hair extensions, which affected the reputation of the industry. Danijela’s decision to start her own production was aimed at ensuring continuity in quality.


The materials previously imported by the company were produced according to general standards, which limited the potential for growth, branding, and quality improvement. By starting their own production, the company gained the ability to create personalized products and opened opportunities for the development of unique collections, expansion of extension techniques, and colour palette mapping.


By 2022, the Extension Pro Hair Factory began production, and the company created patents that were distributed throughout Europe and the Balkans. As the company continued to grow, another studio was opened in Belgrade. Due to the constant improvement of products and working techniques, the production and Extension Studio moved to larger premises. The Hair Care line was launched as part of the Premium collection, and the Extension Worldwide Academy underwent a reform in further training and collaboration with experts. New education programs were added to align with the latest knowledge and techniques imported by Danijela from abroad.

Vision and mission

When we first conceived the idea of establishing a hair extension company, our goal was to transform and enrich people’s lives through creative and innovative techniques, continually advancing these techniques to achieve top-notch results. We envisioned becoming leaders in providing high-quality hair extension services, developing unique personalized extensions and tools, as well as enhancing extension application methods, setting standards in hair care and aesthetics. Our aim is to make every client feel secure and confident, regardless of their genetics or natural hair potential. We are committed to highlighting the natural beauty of each individual by offering personalized solutions for every need. Our vision is to lead in preserving hair health by employing the most advanced techniques and products that protect and nurture the hair. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we aspire to shape the future of this industry so that every individual can achieve the hairstyle they desire. Moreover, we aim to assist those who are unable to attain their desired hairstyle due to health reasons, ensuring that hair is not another hurdle in the fight for life and health. Our vision is to create a space where creativity, expertise, and love for hair come together to produce unique and inspiring creations and results. This encompasses a commitment to clients, innovation, new technologies, refining existing methods, hair and scalp health, and personal expression to elevate the hair extension industry to the next level. Our mission is to become synonymous with quality, expertise, and innovation. We are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics and satisfaction of our clients by providing high-quality, personalized, and unique services. We are prepared and trained to offer top-notch services and provide specialized products designed specifically for extension application, care, and maintenance. Our passion lies in exploring new techniques and products to ensure our position as a leader in quality, leaving our clients breathless with the end result. We take pride in caring for hair and the scalp, aiming to preserve and enhance hair quality throughout the extension process, while also offering Remi and Virgin quality hair produced in our own manufacturing facility. Through the training and support of our expert team, we educate clients on proper hair care and provide guidance to numerous new colleagues aspiring to excellence in this industry through our Extension Worldwide Academy. Our mission also includes supporting sustainability and environmental responsibility by using biodegradable, eco-friendly products and natural preparations to safeguard the overall health of our clients.

I am Danijela Jovetic. Welcome to my Extension Pro World!