"Studio Extension" by Danijela Jovetić offers amazing hair extensions and upgrades. Her studio is the perfect place to go if you want to transform your hair and feel more confident in your look. Danijela is professional and provides high-quality hair services that are beautiful. If you want to enhance your natural beauty, check out Studio Extension by Danijela Jovetić!


Studio Extension is a salon for ladies who are used to receiving the highest quality service. We work with the highest quality hair, the highest standard on the market and with unique extension techniques.


Extension Pro shop is a safe and secure place to buy all our products in one place.

Clip in extension

Hair care



Extension Academy is a unique academy of this type in the Balkans.

Nudimo vam dva programa za četiri najtraženije tehnike širom sveta.

Ice Extensions by Danijela Jovetić

Application with keratin

Quick & easy (Microbead & Tape in)

Client testimonials

Zorana Jovanovic

"Simply perfect“

Mina Milutinović

„Moj izbor broj jedan je Studio Extension“


"The greatest professionals in the business"


"Quality and unique service"

100% prirodna kosa PREMIUM kvaliteta

Play around with the length, color, volume and shine of your hair!

Naše CLIP IN ekstenzije za kosu najbolji su izbor za žene kojima je stalo do kvaliteta. They are made of the finest hair fibers and will not leave any client indifferent.

Naša kosa proizvodi se u manifakturi u Srbiji.

The power of our hair extensions lies in the formula that allows you to transform from a short haired brunette to a Barbie blonde.


Predstavljamo Vam liniju za profesionalnu i kućnu negu kose domaćeg brenda Extension Pro.

Linija je kreirana od strane profesionalnog frizera i proizvodi se u Srbiji.

Ponesite deo luksuzne nege iz salona svuda sa sobom.

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